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Project Management Suite for the iPad App Bundle

Swift-Apps is dedicated to delivering superior business applications tailored for project management tasks. Our development ethos centers around a user-centric design philosophy, aiming to craft intuitive and highly functional apps. Our team, equipped with a profound understanding of users' real needs, is committed to enhancing productivity and project management efficiency.

The "Project Management for iPad bundle" encompasses a collection of meticulously designed apps that empower project teams to deconstruct project tasks, outline expenses, and meticulously plan project schedules. Additionally, the bundle includes a specialized app for crafting organizational charts, facilitating clear visual representations of team structures.

Project Management Suite Apps

  • OrgChart – Streamlines the creation, maintenance, export, and sharing of organization charts.
  • WBS – Facilitates the breakdown of work and estimation of costs.
  • QuickPlan – Enables detailed planning on Gantt charts, with seamless MS Project integration for comprehensive support.

Available on the App Store:

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These applications are designed to showcase your work in PDF, Excel, and image formats. They support importing data from MS Project, MS Excel, and Mindmaps, enhancing compatibility and data integration.

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QuickPlan stands out as the quintessential, easy-to-use project planning app for the iPad. Emphasizing natural gesture controls, it revolutionizes project management by making updates and maintenance quicker, more intuitive, and highly efficient.

Boasting an innovative design, QuickPlan allows users to visualize, manage, and streamline projects using Gantt charts. It enables the structuring of tasks, optimization of project calendars with resources, and monitoring of task status with minimal effort required for mastery.

Export functionalities include generating projects as Image, Excel, and PDF files, facilitating synchronization across devices and teams. Integration with Microsoft Project Plan is smooth, courtesy of AirDrop, Email, iCloud, Dropbox, Box, and iTunes. Additionally, QuickPlan accommodates importing projects from MS Project and Mindmap files.

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Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) management is redefined in our app, offering both outline and chart views. It allows for the detailed layout of work packages and updates estimates effortlessly. Importing work elements from MS Excel and exporting charts to PDF, Excel, and image files are seamlessly integrated, along with exporting to project plan files.

WBS is conceptualized as a hierarchical and incremental breakdown of the project into phases, deliverables, and work packages. It presents a tree structure that delineates the subdivision of effort needed to accomplish an objective, such as a program, project, or contract.

Swift Apps' WBS reimagines project management on the iPad. With an intuitive interface and natural gestures, managing WBS becomes more straightforward, faster, and efficient. The app allows for the visualization and simplification of WBS on outline and chart views, enabling users to divide work elements, estimate labor and materials costs, and aggregate these costs up the hierarchy with both continuous and batch inputting options.

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OrgChart revolutionizes the creation and maintenance of organization charts by eliminating the complexities of traditional drawing methods. It allows for the easy visualization and management of organization units in a tree structure, automatically generating the charts to bypass the drawing process.

Entering information is simplified, with a maintenance panel that aids in customizing unit colors, shapes, sizes, text visibility, and layout. This approach introduces an intuitive and discoverable experience for maintaining organization charts, with support for tree structure visualization.

Import features from iOS contacts and batch input capabilities make adding organization units simpler, faster, and more efficient. OrgCharts can be exported as Image and PDF files, offering a range of customizable options. Additionally, charts can be shared across devices via Email, AirDrop, and various third-party cloud applications.

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